I get asked a lot about my work and diaper bags and what I could possibly put in there. Well here is your answer and why I love my bag.


My current work bag is a Lily-Jade Meggan, in grey, without the insert inside. Having the insert out, allows me to use the insert at the babysitters, or keep in the car. I absolutely love my Lily-Jade bags because of their functionality, durability, appearance, and versatility. I use my Elizabeth, in camel,as my diaper bag currently. Once the new addition makes his entrance, I will switch them. Right now I’m enjoying the newer bag all to myself. I mean, what mom gets that?

Here’s what I’m currently carrying:
HP laptop- LOVE it
computer charger
Sony camera a600 and extra lens
phone and camera charger
ear buds
hard drive and thumb drive
cute pencils and pens
Erin Condren calendar from Thrive
plain note book- actually Dustin’s
business cards – because duh
bag of bobby pins and pony tail holder
Clorox wipes
paci (I’m still a mom)

Why ‘THIS’ Bag:

It is spacious enough to hold everything, plus more if needed. It can quickly be converted to a backpack, cross body, and worn over the shoulder. If it is just me walking around, I usually wear it on my shoulder, but as soon as my minions join, it is ready to be worn as a backpack. I am always getting compliments on my bags. It always shocks people to find out that it can be used as a diaper bag too.

Side note: Dustin has worn it many times (especially when we travel). We used this bag when we vacationed in New York last month and it was so helpful to be organized.  Having all the pockets keeps me a little more sane. 

Quickly adding the insert is like having a Transformer as a bag.


If you are new here, here is some back story on me. I was an elementary teacher for seven years and all of a sudden I felt God tell me it was time to stay home. Have you ever had a moment where, you told God he was CRAZY? well… don’t do it… look at me now. A new stay-at-home mom trying to understand my new title and figure out this life with little boys. I have a three year old, Maddox, an 18 month old, Miles, and another boy will join us in October. Three boys… Three and under!! I need a lot of Jesus and coffee. So… every Tuesday and Thursday my bag and I head out for coffee and some work. Work for me currently consists of writing, blogging, researching, and finding things and/or advice for women and moms.

A little about Lily-Jade:

I was blessed to have met the founders of Lily-Jade in real life. Yes, I freaked out like I was talking to celebrities. Well to me, they are. They created a product that has changed the “mom-game.” Can a diaper bag do that… really? Yes!  Hearing them speak at Thrive just made my love for these guys grow. They support adoptive moms and moms with unplanned pregnancies through Embrace Grace. Truly a company that cares about their customers.

So what are your work bag essentials? If you have a Lily-Jade, which one(s)? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy your chaos!

Bless your heart,


Photos by Laiken Joy and Priscilla Carriere  Love these ladies!


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