10 Simple Laundry Hacks to Make Life Easier


I’ve been there.  Clothes on top of clothes, with more clothes piled on.  Is this laundry clean?  Dirty?  Did I already fold these?  Where is the matching sock?  HELP!

My family consist of two adults and 3 kids, three and under.  That’s a lot of clothes to wash, dry, fold, hang, iron (ha ha) and place in the correct bedroom and correct drawer.  I have tried a lot of things and spent gobs of money to make laundry easier, and these are the things that have stuck around. Nothing fancy!



Resolution, Word, Goal

First things first… Happy New Year from my family to yours!  We are already driving into this new year and we aren’t looking back.


Do you have a resolution?  Word of the year? 

Goals for this new year?  

Let me tell you a secret.  Shhh….. I don’t have any of that planned out.  My inner teacher is freaking out because I don’t even have a 2018 planner. Guess what?  I survived the first day of the year just fine.  Actually it was nice not (more…)

The Worst Day of My Life on Replay – Part 1 – Why?

Take One

You know those cheesy movies, where the main character relives their day over and over again?  It usually starts with a really crummy day and they wish to redo that day, for hopes of it being better. Their wish is granted by another cheesy character.  Each day they make a different choice that changes the outcome of that day.  Finally, their day becomes PERFECT and they live happily ever after. The End.

Well, I have been replaying a horrible day over and over in my mind, details and all, but nothing changes.  The outcome stays the same.


Postpartum Nursing Clothing Tips

Okay, not the most glamourous topic, but I wish I would have done this for my first child.  If you are new here, I am a momma to three boys, three and under! My hands are definitely full and controlling the chaos is a must.  If you don’t have kids yet, just pin it to Pinterest and it will be waiting for you for when the time comes. Done with kids? Let someone know that may benefit from this tip.  Friendly nursing clothes are a must right after having a baby.

nursing clothes

Who Me?


#REALlifestyle Maternity Photos

Being that is our third child, I wasn’t wanting the “normal” maternity photos.  Come to think of it, we have never had a “normal family” photoshoot.  We have chosen photographers that capture our real life moments and love what they produce.  It is usually the most unconventional photos that I love the most.  Where my hair is in my face, or the boys are making the strangest faces.  #REALlifestyle

So where do I spend most of my time?

Sam’s Club & Chick-Fil-A


10 Toddler Rainy Day Activites

With Harvey knocking on our doors, we are making the best of our rainy days.  We are fortunate to have electricity and no flooding.  I went ahead and documented some toddler activities we have done that required LITTLE or NO money.  Most of the activities and their supplies are just laying around your house.


Have Bags Will Travel

The trip may only last a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Traveling is nothing new to me.  It is more like a lifestyle.  I have traveled all over North America starting at a really young age. When I met Dustin we continued traveling during our dating years and right into our married life.  Here are some examples of trips we took. Once we did a trip to Montreal and Toronto for a few days, then flew down to Houston to meet some friends. The very next day, got on a plane to Jamaica for a week with friends.  Our honeymoon was running a half-marathon, with our family and friends, in San Antonio.  Playa Mujeres was stunning and extremely relaxing. Austin, TX was, and still is, our favorite place to get away for a few days. We used to go there at least two times a year.

Adding kids to our family didn’t stop the adventures.


NON-Maternity – Rock That Bump

Walking through the mall or boutiques looking for a maternity section is exhausting. Once you actually find a store with maternity clothes, you look at the 5 “frumpy” outfits and cringe to try them on.  If you are brave enough to buy them, be prepared to pay the same price, or more, as “normal” clothes.  Remember these outfits are just for a few months.


Bags Packed for Colorado

Where did we go and month? Gunnison, CO / July (86-39 degrees)

How did we get there? Personal Plane

How long did we stay? 2 days + 2 travel days

How many people to pack for? 4 (Dustin, Prego-me, 3 & 1 year old boys)

Since we flew ourselves, we could take as much as we wanted… without going over the


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