Girl’s Weekend at the Woodland’s Resort

What do you do when your best friend calls you, and ask if you can get away for a couple of days to head to the Woodland’s Resort?  You have your bags packed before you reply to her question… absolutely!

This was a much needed trip for me.  My goals were to relax, sleep, eat, and repeat (over and over again), while visiting some of my friends from Texas and beyond.  That is exactly what I accomplished and much more.


No Chaos 30th Birthday

Have you ever taken a day for just yourself?  For moms, this can be a hard decision sometimes.  Think about it.  We make sure our kids have the best birthdays every year and that they feel special and pick to do whatever they want.  Now, before I go any further, I just want to make it clear my husband and children make me feel special everyday!!  Although, this year I wanted a relaxing (quiet) birthday.  Relaxing is what I received.

Me Time


and then there were FIVE!


If you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed I have been incognito.  A few things have changed on our little life and social media took a back burner.  Which I have found to be a good thing every now and then.

One major change would be my pant size.  That’s right!  We are expecting another Willis baby in October.  With having a two and one year old, I have received a lot of questions and (more…)

Rise and Shine: Morning Routine

What do your mornings look like? Do they involve sipping coffee or tea, watching the news, running about trying to find clean clothes, or slowly waking up to the sounds of nature?   At the Willis house, it usually involves the same routine everyday.  Key word; USUALLY!  Consistency is key with two kids, two and under.  It helps them to know what to expect.  When I decided to document our lives, I promised myself I would stay real.  Here is a peak of how our mornings run.


Me Time

Some (very few) mornings, I will go workout at 5 am!  Getting up is the hardest part, although once I get there, it really charges me up.  Something about sweating profusely with 10 plus other people, makes me happier.  I will return home around 6:15 and Dustin will usually be standing in the kitchen fixing his coffee and morning breakfast… Cheerios.  If the little ones don’t wake up with all the noise in the kitchen, I have about 45 minutes to myself.  This time is extremely flexible and where I can think my own thoughts.  I get dressed for the day, fix my coffee, and pray.  Pray, pray, pray… we need this daily. I need this daily!

Rise and Shine (more…)

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