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#REALlifestyle Maternity Photos

Being that is our third child, I wasn’t wanting the “normal” maternity photos.  Come to think of it, we have never had a “normal family” photoshoot.  We have chosen photographers that capture our real life moments and love what they produce.  It is usually the most unconventional photos that I love the most.  Where my hair is in my face, or the boys are making the strangest faces.  #REALlifestyle

So where do I spend most of my time?

Sam’s Club & Chick-Fil-A


NON-Maternity – Rock That Bump

Walking through the mall or boutiques looking for a maternity section is exhausting. Once you actually find a store with maternity clothes, you look at the 5 “frumpy” outfits and cringe to try them on.  If you are brave enough to buy them, be prepared to pay the same price, or more, as “normal” clothes.  Remember these outfits are just for a few months.