Drowning in Laundry

Some tips on how I survive this vicious attack from our clothes.

How do you keep your head above the clothes line? Here is the secret to having the cleanest, most “Pinterest” worthy laundry room. Lean in real close… ya ready?

Repeat after me…
I will never be done with laundry, unless we join a nudest colony.

Think about it. As you are placing the last of those matchless socks in the dryer, you are currently wearing clothes. Unless you plan on going in the nude to car pickup, you will have clothes to clean when you get back home. Although, I am not writing this because my laundry room and systems are perfect. In fact I am the problem in the system. Operator error, and I’m the operator to those machines. Although, having a routine will help.

Here’s my post on Instagram that shows me hiding from my laundry! Can you find me in all the photos?

Come out from hiding!

So now that we have all agreed that laundry is inevitable, it is time to get some systems in place. Not everyone’s system will look like mine. Mine has changed over the years. Then changed recently, when we moved into a two story home. My kids no longer share a closet and/or dresser. I will link my older laundry post that was great at the time. Having three kids in four years, really makes that pile grow rapidly. Especially, since they are all boys who love dirt. Now we have 3.4 billion clothes and I keep Marie Kondo-ing and stuff keeps multiplying.

Let’s get washing!!

  • One load a day – I keep dreaming this will happen. Remember, I am a stay at home mom and I still don’t get this done everyday. Although, when I do, it is LIFE changing. This means washing, drying, folding…. AND PUTTING AWAY. Yes, put them away. As I am typing this, I have a pile on my bed and chair in my bedroom. I keep trying to get fired from this dreadful job, but no one has given me a pink slip yet. When the clothes sit out for too long, my kids mess them up, and they tend to find their way all over the house. MONROE is the worst at this.
  • Collapsible basket for each child – This was crucial for me. Not just a regular basket. This one I can lug them up the stairs and the big boys can collapse the baskets to take back downstairs. I bought mine on Amazon.

Tip: I keep a spray bottle with water to get wrinkles out. Just spray the item then toss it in the dryer for 5 minutes. VOILA… wrinkle free

  • The kids unload their own baskets – Don’t underestimate your children’s ability to put their clothes away. My 4 and 3 year old do and started when they were two. Even the baby helps do his. He mainly watches and unfolds everything, as it is put into the drawer. Also, they will take ownership of their own closet and bedroom.
  • Mesh bags – These are used to contain the kids’ socks. I buy the bags randomly and have no specific one that is perfect. I used to have the kids place them in the bag, but we didn’t keep up with it. Now, I keep the bags by the detergent. When I come to socks I just start a bag and dump it out after they dry on the counter. They boys surprisingly like to match socks.
  • Add color and fun – Why not make it inviting? I spend a lot of time in my laundry room and it’s the first thing you see when you enter from our garage.

*Remember. You have to live in the space.
Your home is not a magazine. *
And if it is, don’t invite my kids over!

Check out this FREE printable and tips by my friend, Lani, from All My Good Things Blog.

Cypress Reno: Details

Wall color: Summer Shower Benjamin Moore
Cabinet color: Philipsburg Blue Benjamin Moore
Counter tops: quartz
Pinterest Inspiration!
Hacks for Laundry

Enjoy your chaos!

Bless your heart,

Cypress Lake Reno – Before

Welcome to our new home. Come on in and watch your step. No need to take your shoes off, because this house is dirty and needs a ton of TLC. What you see from the road is what we fell in love with. The outside, minus the overgrown landscaping and lack of maintenance. If you can look past all of that, you can see a wrap around porch where my southern roots can grow deeper. This home was actually built very well, with brick detail along the porch and sidewalk. Imagine sipping warm coffee on a 65 degree day, while swinging gently with the breeze. Looking out watching your kids get full of mud and throw sticks at each other. Let’s add some real life into this dream.

The house has been updated since these photos were taken. We are currently living at the house and we love the changes we made. I will be posting the details and progress we made by room. What room would you want to see first? Laundry, kitchen, master, or dining?

Well let’s walk in this neglected farmhouse.


Life Update – January 2019

New home, Renovations, Kid update, Vacations, Cooking, Blogging

I’m ALIVE and well… really well. If you follow me on social media, you know I may have liked and commented on a few things, but haven’t been active on posting. Although, not sharing doesn’t mean a lot hasn’t happened. It has actually been very busy. We started to look for a new home in the spring of 2018. This was not in our master plan at the time, but once we get something in our head we move 100 mph towards that goal. Our home at the time served us it’s purpose for our family. We moved into it with just 1 child (pregnant with number 2) and left it with 3! Stuff was piling up and we all craved space, especially outside. So with that said, we moved after a large renovation and losing my sanity (only had a little to begin with). It is only a few miles down the road and we LOVE it! I will be sharing that process with before and afters.

During this renovation process we still managed to keep 3 toddlers alive. In this time our oldest turned 4 in June, and our baby turned 1 in October. Side note: The baby didn’t get a proper birthday party. Is this normal for the third child? Maybe we will go all out for his second birthday. The boys absolutely love the new home. Seeing them explore is really fun. Maddox and Miles go look for the fish in the pond daily, while taking their wheelbarrows to find treasures on the way. We never see any fish, but it is fun for them to look for 30 minutes. Monroe usually eats dirt and licks pine cones. Third child problems. We currently don’t have TV or Internet at the house and WOW…. We never really let the kids watch TV or play on devices. I prided myself on this. We are the ones who watched it once the kids went to bed. We would watch a couple shows every night. I didn’t realize how much I leaned on it to entertain us. Both of our days are full, and it is easy to plop in front of the TV with cookie dough. Now, Dustin and I break out the board games like it’s the new fad. He wins the game most of the time, although the time together has been a win for me too.

Service is spotty at the house so, I am writing this at Starbucks just so I can upload this easier. Plus I can get a few hours to myself. In August I decided to be a “real” stay at home mom. I previously had a sitter twice a week. She was an angel… not lying. God sent her to me. Although, I felt like I needed to try and keep my own kids. I sound like a brat writing that. I had so much anxiety about being a full time stay at home mom. How was I going to do everything? Grocery shop, run errands, breath, write, pee, and keep up with house duties. Well guys, I survived. It wasn’t the best timing and I definitely felt defeated a lot. I stopped doing anything “extra” and spent time building my life on the other side of this screen.

Guys, did you know people live real lives outside of social media and blogs. HA HA HA Well it was time for me to focus on them and myself. Being a better mom and wife has always been my goal. At the same time, I focused more on prayer and building the most important relationship with Him. It’s amazing what happens when you add Him to your life. Everything becomes better. My love for writing is still here and will start publishing again. Writing never stopped, I just didn’t share it with you. I didn’t want to worry about the comments and likes that can come with social media sometimes. Impressing people is not a goal of mine. Sharing motherhood and it’s beautiful chaos is what’s most important.

Speaking of chaos. I had a crazy idea. To cook every recipe in Joanna Gaines’ cookbook in one year. Then I challenged my best friend, Bree, to do the same thing. So if you want to follow along here’s how. Follow #onerecipeclosertojoanna on instagram. I already cooked her mac and cheese. I was a horrible blogger and didn’t take great pictures. I want to love to cook and focus more on the experience of cooking, not just the end product. I will have more on this in a separate post soon. Last year I gave up Target and succeeded so watch out JoJo. I’m catching up!

This year you will see our new home renovations, cooking with Joanna, travels, home adventures, my love of Sam’s Club and Chick-Fil-A, and how I try to maintain sanity with too much coffee!

Enjoy your chaos!

Bless your heart, Chelse

In the Eye of the Storm – Writing Challenge

Howdy mommas!  It’s been a hot minute since I hit publish on a blog post.  No reason, besides, well… life. Life has been busy, but that’s not a bad thing.  I wanted let you know that I wrote today.  Yes, me. It only look 15 minutes to sit and write.  My best friend challenged me to write and I thought I knew what I was going to write about.

Maybe remodeling a home with 3 kids, 4 and under… NOPE.

How to pack a home while living in it… NOPE

God’s plan…YUP

Sitting on the swing, listening to the birds, this is what hit my paper.  Not sure who it is for, but I decided to voice record it.  Enjoy!


Who am I anymore?

Once upon a time, there was a girl that knew what she wanted and dreamed of a path for her life. She wanted to save the children of the world by teaching and nurturing them as an educator. She attended college and started her journey with eagerness in her heart. Along the way she married her high school sweetheart and life was perfect.  Then life pressed the gas petal.  This journey started to speed up when kids entered their life and she became a mom. She started to question who she was and (more…)

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