1. Wife
  2. Mother
  3. New – Stay at Home Mom
  4. Coffee Lover
  5. Etc.

Wife    Married to my high school sweetheart, Dustin (Dust).  He is my rock, biggest cheerleader, and personal motivational speaker.  He pushes me to better myself, while keeping me on my toes. Also, he is my first child!  Short story… We had just been married about a month and were in the middle of building a home.  One day I was on Craigslist and read about this amazing house for sale. It was a new construction in a great neighborhood. The new owners would be able to customize their new home, because it was still under construction.  Then it hit me!  It was OUR home.  Enough said

Mom     God blessed us with three adorable boys. (3 kids, 3 and under!) Maddox is the oldest at three years old.  He keeps us on our toes and is constantly amazing me on what he can do.  Also, he is the reason I have my second, and sometimes third cup of coffee. Miles is our one year old who thinks Maddox is superman. Miles is our daily dose of sunshine, in the eye of a hurricane.  Miles is always smiling and will laugh at anything Maddox does.  This behavior only encourages Maddox more! We just had our third boy, Monroe, and he has been thrown into the chaos.

SAHM     Teaching was my first passion.  This is where I thought, I could control the chaos.  I would feel like a circus tamer daily.  I have just recently decided to stay home, thinking I could control the chaos!  :: Cue the laughing with tears emoji :: My friend bought me a mug with that would sum up my situation.  The name, ENJOY the Chaos, was born.  It hit me like a train.  God was wanting me to slow down and truly enjoy, and cherish this time in my life.  Funny how the Man upstairs reveals things.  So here I am, sharing my journey with you.

Coffee Lover      Hi, my name is Chelse and I am addicted to coffee.  My first coffee experience was in a sippy cup. That’s right, I don’t actually remember it, but it left a lasting impression.  I don’t just like coffee, I enjoy the act of drinking the coffee.  Growing up, my family sat on the front porch twice a day to drink this delightful beverage.  Everyone would gather to sit, swing, or rock while they discussed the day and read the newspaper.  Twice a day, maybe three or four, I have a cup of coffee.  It is usually in a to-go cup, because I can’t sit still with two little kids.

Etc.    creative, lover of helping others in need, cheerleader, improve chef, clown, emergency spill response specialist, explorer, soul & body healer…

As a new stay at home mom, I want to document real life as I encounter new challenges. Just a few weeks ago I was teaching elementary school, and now I have made a life changing decision to stay home. I want to show the real side of parenting in a comical way.  Follow along on our journey and learn to enjoy the chaos with me.

Bless your heart,