The trip may only last a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Traveling is nothing new to me.  It is more like a lifestyle.  I have traveled all over North America starting at a really young age. When I met Dustin we continued traveling during our dating years and right into our married life.  Here are some examples of trips we took. Once we did a trip to Montreal and Toronto for a few days, then flew down to Houston to meet some friends. The very next day, got on a plane to Jamaica for a week with friends.  Our honeymoon was running a half-marathon, with our family and friends, in San Antonio.  Playa Mujeres was stunning and extremely relaxing. Austin, TX was, and still is, our favorite place to get away for a few days. We used to go there at least two times a year.

Adding kids to our family didn’t stop the adventures.

We love going on adventures and continuing our travels with kids didn’t stop.  Now, it changed how often and where we traveled to. 

Giving our kids the same opportunities to make memories with us, has been a blessing.

  When Maddox was just four months old, we headed to Houston to the first game of the LSU football season.  I remember being shocked that it didn’t quite meet my expectations.  Where’s the stroller? Do you have enough diapers? Did you forget the diaper bag? Where can I nurse? Do I need to pump? Will it be too hot? Will it be too loud?  Should I bring a carrier? What time will we be back?  WOW… traveling changed.

Ways our travels have changed with kids.

Where we go:  Kid friendly places that offer nearby attractions. 

For instance, we love Austin, TX.  Although, strolling around town isn’t as easy as it once was. We used to just bike or walk everywhere.  With little kids you need strollers, car seats, snacks, water, diapers, wipes… you get my point. Can it be done, yes.  Have we done SoCo since the kids were born, no.  This is how we accommodated for our family.  We love the hill county and nature aspect, so we found a family friendly resort in Bastrop, TX.  It is not too far from Austin. It has everything there for us.  We don’t have to get in a car and to go have fun.  The fun is already there.

Travel time:  Are we there yet?

It takes longer to get to our destination with kids. Kids are hungry (all the time) and always have to potty as soon as we pass the “clean” restrooms.  I have learned to pack more snacks and even fix sandwiches for longer trips.  If not, Chick-fil-a is usually around the corner.  Sometimes we stop at a park to let them get out and run around.  This helps with naptime/quiet time.

Packing:  There are stores, use them.

When we first started traveling with kids I brought EVERYTHING.  I mean it.  I’m pretty sure I loaded a Sam’s size box of diapers in every bag just in case.  Well, I have learned about this “just in case.”  There are stores nearby that I can go to if this “emergency” occurs. I have learned to pack light for myself and find places that offer washer and dryers. Colorado Packing List

My Thoughts: Change is good.

Kids are just that, kids. We make sure we remember their needs and wants too.  What will make them happy and enjoy the adventure too?  I promise their smile and laughter, will be your best memory.

Enjoy YOUR chaos!

Bless your heart,


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